Christopher J. Precopia Compares The Cuisine of Our Super Bowl Cities

Christopher J. Precopia

As a person who loves to travel and experience local food, Christopher J. Precopia can’t speak to who has the better football team on Super Bowl Sunday. However, Christopher J. Precopia is more than qualified to discuss whether Philadelphia or Kansas City has the best food. Today’s article will shift the battle from the gridiron to the kitchen.

Christopher J. Precopia will start with the classics. Kansas City is best known for its barbecue while Philadelphia holds the cheesesteak in the highest regard. While you can get barbecue anywhere in the country and you can get a cheesesteak, or steak and cheese as it is commonly referred to in other cities, both locations have unique versions of their most popular dish.

Kansas City barbecue originated in 1908. Kansas utilizes just about any meat you can think of in their barbecue. While Texas barbecue focuses on beef, Christopher Precopia notes that it isn’t uncommon to see locals enjoying everything from burnt ends to chicken wings, pulled pork, and sausages. The cooking style is also unlike any other type of barbecue. Christopher Precopia notes that it is all about the sauce. While Carolina barbecue may look at mustards, Kansas City styles are prominently thick and sweet. With the sauces cooked into the meat, those who enjoy Kansas City barbecue will rarely need to add additional sauce while enjoying their meal

When it comes to Philadelphia cheesesteaks, there’s a reason that they don’t taste the same in other parts of the country. It’s bread! Local Philadelphia bakeries provide rolls thwithust the proper texture to carry the weight of the steak and cheese. No other region that Christopher Precopia has ever visited has lived up to Philadelphia’s hoagie rolls. When it comes to how cheesesteaks are prepared, Christoper Precopia is a Whiz With guy. This means cheese whiz with fried onions. Locals will often choose either American, provolone, or cheese whiz. Onions are the most popular addition, but mushrooms have been known to make the plate of Christopher Precopia.

When looking at the heavy hitters, it’s too difficult to pick a winner. Lesser-known regional specialties of Kansas City include fried chicken, the cheese slipper, and sour cream and raisin pie. You read this correctly. Sour cream and raisin pie is a mainstay of Kansas cuisine. The pie originated in the early 1900s in Kansas City. Many local historians credit the fact that the ingredients were easily accessible from local farms as the reason it grew in popularity. With a heavy German population at the time, there was an affinity for sour cream dishes. Recent years have seen additional ingredients like chocolate chips or nuts added to the mix. While you can find some versions in other areas, the sour cream and raisin pie is a uniquely Kansas City dish. The Cheese Slipper is another oddity to most who live outside of Kansas. The cheese slipper is cheesy bread KC style. It typically starts with wheat bread baked with cheddar and mixed with cheese curds. It’s a flavor explosion.

Christopher J. Precopia nods to Philadelphia food because of everything you can enjoy locally outside of cheesesteaks. For instance, there’s nothing better than a fresh Philly soft pretzel. It’s simplistic and delicious. Philadelphia is also home to roast pork sandwiches that most locals feel are better than cheesesteaks. When you combine pork with broccoli rabe, you get an incredible sandwich. Finally, there’s the classic hoagie. While the rest of the country may call these sandwiches Subs, the hoagie is a Philadelphia mainstay. Local shops slice the freshest meats, cheeses and top them with mouthwatering produce to make some of the best sandwiches on the planet.

Regardless of who wins on Championship Sunday, Christopher Precopia believes diners in KC and Philly will be having the best night on February 12th.