Does Your Air Conditioning Smell When You Turn It On?


Ever wonder why your AC smells when you turn it on? Looking for an easy enough solution to keep the smell out and your guests happy? Broadley’s is here to explain why that smell is creeping into your home and how to fix it. It’s especially important to pay attention to these seemingly mediocre AC issues during this time of transition from summer to fall. These small problems have a tendency to grow into huge problems over the colder months.

It probably comes as no surprise that a large part of the awful smells coming from your air conditioner are thanks to mold and mildew growth. It is easy for airborne contaminants to find their way into the system, even during the idle winter months. These contaminants mix with the system’s cool, damp environment to form the mold and mildew that gets released into your air when you turn on your unit. There is also the issue of dirty air filters, which you must remember to have replaced.

Another cause could be that the smells are coming from other locations in your home and traveling through the air vents or even traveling from outside and entering your home. Something as commonplace as a candle or cleaning products can be the cause.

So how do you fix it? A few easy solutions are to change your everyday habits. If you have exhaust fans in your kitchen and bathroom, make sure to turn them on while cooking and showering. If you don’t have these units already in place it may be time to consider having them installed. Vacuum, dust and clean linens frequently to remove air contaminants. When you use cleaning products, make sure chose cleaners that have less harsh fumes to improve your overall air quality.

As far as maintenance to the actual AC unit, we recommend having your air filters changed regularly. Call Broadley’s and have a service technician replace them right away. How often you need to replace your filter depends on the type of filter and other varying factors such as the environment you live in or if you have pets. You might also need to have an HVAC specialist come and clean the coils in your unit. It not only cleans your system for quality of air and smell purposes, but also increases the efficiency of your unit. This will be helpful down the road, as regular cleaning will improve the lifespan of your appliances.

Remember not to tamper with home units you are unfamiliar with and to call a professional when the times comes. Broadley’s is here to answer any questions and help you have your home smelling fresh. Call today at (609) 390-3907 or visit