Oden Home RI on Designing Custom Homes for Multigenerational Living

Oden Home Rhode Island

Oden Home is a custom home builder located in Rhode Island. In the following article, Oden Home RI delves into the art of bespoke home design, specifically tailored to cater to the dynamic needs of the multigenerational family – a tapestry of generations past, present, and future.

As older generations are living longer thanks to medical innovations and healthier lifestyles, and younger generations are facing unprecedented economic struggles in a difficult housing market, multigenerational living is becoming more and more the norm again.

But how does a multigenerational family manage this, when for over the last 50 years homes have been tailored to modern families? Customizations needs to be made to accommodate larger families and give each generation the space and privacy they deserve. Below, Oden Home RI discusses new ways of designing custom homes for multigeneration living.

Oden Home RI Says to Prioritize Bedrooms Over Flex Spaces

Sometimes home buyers and builders get so involved in planning out fun living spaces that they skimp on the bedrooms. But bedrooms in a multigenerational home are crucial, not just to make sure everyone has an adequate place to sleep, but also as a private personal space for quiet time, work, and reflection. The bedroom might be on the only place in the house that is just “yours,” so make sure every generation has their own section of the house and that is comfortable, spacious, and well-lit with plenty of closets and – when possible – en suite bathrooms.

Create Dual-Purpose Bonus Rooms

Oden Home RI says that with so many people living in one house, every square foot is precious and should be utilized! This could mean converting bonus rooms to serve more than one function, like having a dual office (for day) and children’s playroom (for evening). Additional storage areas, foldaway furniture, and neutral decorations can ease the transition.

Utilize an Open Concept Floor Plan

Open concept living spaces are all the rage -and for good reason! By building out a great room that incorporates a kitchen, dining, and living area, families can share one space and stay in communication without feeling like they are living “on top of each other.” Oden Home, Rhode Island explains that such a large space can also allow a large group to come together for meals and meet-ups without feeling crunched.

Create Accessibility for Aging Family

It’s smart to design spaces with an eye toward the future, realizing that even if older family members are active and mobile now, they might have trouble using the stairs as they age. Oden Home, Rhode Island notes to build a spacious ensuite bedroom on the first floor and consider dedicating it to the oldest generation now, so they have easy access to their own private bedroom and bathroom. Accessible living also could mean incorporating ramps into entrances as needed or eliminating stairs all together.

Dedicate Spaces for Privacy

Oden Home RI says that even the closest families need private space to be able to get away from one another from time to time! Whether it’s to take an important phone call, have a one-on-one conversation, or just enjoy a peaceful moment alone, a private space like a small office or sitting area with a closed door can make a big difference to those in a communal living situation.

Plan Additional Entrances to the Home

Separate entrances to the home can give each generation a sense of privacy an independence. These entrances can be cleverly placed near the bedrooms, which should also be placed on opposite sides of the home whenever possible, to encourage a feel of dual, yet separate living arrangements.

Add an Accessory Building

Oden Home RI says that when building on a large lot, consider adding an additional building, such as a tiny cottage or guest house away from the main house, accessible by a path or covered porch. These small, yet additional living spaces could contain a kitchen, great room, or even an extra bedroom or bathroom. Some even consider making these spaces dual purpose – such as an office by day and guest room by night. This can give family members more of a sense of independence, and guests a place to stay.

Oden Home Rhode Island Encourage Outdoor Living

The best way to get space and fresh perspective is to head outside! By making outdoors spaces comfortable and functional, such as multiple patio or porch seating and dining areas, families can essential add extra “rooms” to the home and give generations more areas to congregate separately.

Make a Plan as a Family

Oden Home RI says that the best way to design a home for multigenerational living is to make a plan together. Incorporate all generations into the planning process – including children and grandparents – so that everyone feels a personal connection to the space and knows that their needs are seen and respected. By adding ensuite bathrooms, designing flex spaces, and designating multiple areas for work, play, and dining, you’ll find you have plenty of room for one large family all under one roof.