Patricia Altschul Discusses Decor Tips for Transforming Guest Bedrooms

Patricia Altschul Southern Charm

Patricia Altschul is an American socialite, art collector, interior decorator and personality of the TV series, Southern Charm. With an interior décor line on the Home Shopping Network, Patricia Altschul discusses below how to style a guest bedroom with elegance and flare.

Welcoming guests into the home is so rewarding – why not treat overnight guests to a little luxury, comfort, and style? From the rug to the walls to the bed and everything in between, choosing attractive, cozy décor elements can make your place feel like a home-away-from-home – or even a swanky hotel – to pamper and impress friends and family.

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm provides her best home décor tips for transforming guest bedrooms.

Patricia Altschul Says to Pick Bold Bed Linens

There are a myriad of options of bedroom items available to purchase, but the first stop should be the bed linens, as they are the focus on the entire space. Select sheets and a comforter or duvet that best reflect your personality and taste to liven up the room. While some might gravitate to peaceful neutrals for everyday living, bold colors, and patterns for a short stay in a guest room can make a visitor’s time away fun and memorable.

Invest in Cozy Pillows and Throws

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm explains that adding accent pillows and throw blankets can cozy up a bed and make the overall look more finished. Plus, it makes the bed more inviting for a midday nap or comfy reading at the end of the day.

Provide Multiple Storage Options for Ease and Comfort

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm says that guests are likely to arrive with suitcases and maybe even a few carry-on bags. Rather than forcing guests to live out of their bag for days, invest in a few storage options for their clothing and other personal effects, so they can fully unpack and enjoy their time. Dressers, nightstands, shelves, and armoires can all make a difference for storage, organization, and comfort.

Consider a Bed Bench for Added Storage and Seating

Bed benches are becoming more and more popular as accent furniture that can double as additional seating and storage. Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm notes that this is especially useful if your guest room doesn’t have a closet, as guests can lay out on the bench clothes that should be hung, rather than keeping them stuffed and wrinkled in a suitcase or a drawer.

Create a Sitting Area

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm says that if there is ample space, consider creating a small sitting area in the bedroom for your guests to gather – and take a breather. Especially when friends and family are staying for multiple days, it’s nice to provide them with their own private space to recharge, make phone calls, catch up on emails, or just take a few quiet minutes to themselves. It’s also good for you, as the host, to get a brief respite from entertaining! A few chairs or a small sofa in the guest bedroom can solve this.

Pick a Plush Rug to Surround the Bed

It’s nice to have your feet hit something soft when you first get out of bed. If your guest room isn’t fully carpeted, consider picking a plush, attractive rug to add to the space, placing it so that it is available on either side of the bed if not the whole room.

Patricia Altschul Southern Charm Don’t Forget the Mirror – for Style and Function!

You want your guests to have access to all essential amenities, and that includes a mirror so they can scope out their look of the day! Stylish mirrors in neutral colors are a lovely and practical addition to any bedroom space.

Add Some Greenery

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm notes that plants – real or artificial – can add interest and an organic, natural vibe to any space. Greenery is all the rage for boho chic, Instagram-ready bedrooms, and the guest room is no exception. Succulents are super easy to care for and don’t require a lot of attention, so they are a smart option to add to a room that you yourself may not pass through every day.

Top Quality Towels Add a Touch of Luxury

Finally, provide your guests with nice towels. You don’t have to break the bank, but having nice quality, matching, clean, and well-cared-for towels can help guests feel comfortable and rested after bathing.

In Conclusion

Patricia Altschul of Southern Charm notes the significance of crafting an environment that resonates with both allure and consideration. It’s not merely all about aesthetics; it’s about inviting guests into a space where every detail weaves a tapestry of warmth and hospitality. A well-decorated guest bedroom is a testament to the art of making visitors feel not only welcome but cherished.

As they sink into the comfort of thoughtfully chosen furnishings, they’re enveloped in an ambiance that speaks volumes about their value. And, in the embrace of such surroundings, it’s no wonder that guests may find themselves reluctant to depart –they experience more than just lodging; they find a haven that lingers in memory long after their stay. Patricia Altschul’s sage advice is an enduring reminder that the true essence of decorating lies not solely in embellishments, but in the profound impact it has on the hearts of those who cross its threshold.