Sleeping Dog Properties Examines Different Construction Issues That Could End in Lawsuits if Homeowners Are Not Careful

sleeping dog properties lawsuit

As Boston’s most trusted custom builder for over 30 years, Sleeping Dog Properties is often the first choice for those looking to create their dream property. In their experience, Sleeping Dog Properties has also found that they are often the choice after a previous relationship ended in a lawsuit. Sleeping Dog Properties doesn’t wish a lawsuit scenario on anyone. One of the best ways to avoid unhappiness with construction is to be aware of the most common issues in new construction. Today, Sleeping Dog Properties will discuss different things the public should know to avoid a lawsuit and end the construction process with a property that exceeds their expectations.

Sleeping Dog Properties notes that for construction companies, one of the most common reasons for a lawsuit is an inability to keep up with the latest regulations. Laws and guidelines surrounding construction change a lot. It’s even more complicated for companies taking on jobs outside their typical state. Sleeping Dog Properties devotes time to this particular issue to ensure that construction projects are adhering to the latest rules and regulations. Sometimes, there are even competing laws that add an extra layer of complexity to the issue. This is when construction companies must call on a lawyer to avoid a potential lawsuit. Consumers are well within their rights to ask their construction company about different rules and regulations to ensure their construction company adheres to the latest rules and regulations.

Sleeping Dog Properties notes that many customers who turn to them after an awful experience that ended in a lawsuit, or some other dispute come down to breakdowns in communication. Sleeping Dog Properties believes in full transparency throughout the process. There are times when construction companies make promises on scheduling dates only to go back on those promises due to scheduling problems. Any general contractor has experienced a partner committing to one date and then delaying the process by canceling that day. Customers deserve an open line of communication when these hurdles occur. Another common issue is that general contractors can’t always predict supply chain issues. When these problems arise again, customers need to be notified promptly.

Those who hire general, or trade contractors should always protect themselves by agreeing upon compensation at the beginning of the process. When a client is unable to pay, they are not only liable to receive a lawsuit, but they are also likely to receive a mechanic’s lien. These documents are more aggressive than a lawsuit as they appear on the public record and become attached to the title of the property of the deed. Both parties should fully understand the contract’s language before agreeing to work with one another.

Sleeping Dog Properties will always review contractual terms with their clients, because they have heard the horror stories from customers who worked with providers who didn’t have clear contractual terms and then argued with their clients about whether or not certain aspects of the build fell within the contractual terms.

No one should be surprised by the requirements of a construction project.

Sleeping Dog Properties relies on industry experts to ensure every contract is clear and well-worded so that the customer is completely aware of how their project will conclude. This often means that clauses will be put in place for construction delays that are out of the hands of the builder. For instance, not only do builders stay up at night worrying about supply chain issues, they also must consider permit delays, weather disasters and more. Again, while many of these issues are out of human control, how they are dealt with is completely in the hands of the builder. Transparency and open communication with the customer can help avoid all unnecessary conflicts.

Finally, Sleeping Dog Properties notes that the number one reason for construction lawsuits is the finished product failing to deliver the quality the customer expected. Choosing a reliable organization like Sleeping Dog Properties that has standards and practices in place ensures construction is not only up to industry standards but surpasses them. Owners are well within their rights to reach out about issues with a finished structure that do not pass government inspections. These issues can be avoided when materials were agreed upon from the beginning and the construction workers are amongst the best in the business. No one wants to deal with a home that needs fixes immediately after the conclusion of a project. Sleeping Dog Properties firmly believes that the job isn’t complete until the customer is satisfied.