A Look at SunCoast Rentals of Jacksonville, FL

Suncoast Rentals Jacksonville FL

SunCoast Property Management of Jacksonville, FL was established by Carter Funk and his son Chris Funk in 2008 to create the property management team they were searching but could never find. Their focus is on providing benefits for investors and making sure properties produce the most benefits for those investing in both multi-family and single-family properties. In the following article, you will have a look at the history of the business, and what the company provides to its customers.

Looking for the best property manager to manage a fantastic home? One of the best names in rental industry is that of SunCoast Property Management in Jacksonville, FL. However, if a renter or investor is unfamiliar with an organization, it can be helpful to get some background before deciding. More below on the business.

In this article, we will review the history of SunCoast Property Management. By the conclusion, renters and investors alike should feel confident that in working with the company, they will be putting their trust in a reliable father-and-son team with their best interests at heart.

The History of SunCoast Property Management of Jacksonville, FL

It is hard to understand the benefits of working with any organization or entrusting the management of one’s assets to that organization without first knowing a bit more about them.

Chris Funk, a former Event Equestrian sportsman turned excellent business executive and entrepreneur, got his start in the real estate industry with great success in the late 2000s. His skills in strategic marketing and partnership forging brought benefits to the real estate partners he worked with.

In 2008, he began his own business: SunCoast Property Management LLC, located in both Georgia and Florida locations. This business was developed based on the fact that Chris and Carter were unable to find a management company that was everything they needed, so together they created what they searched for. This began as a property management company, and once the national economy and real estate market saw more stabilization, he also included the creation of Southern Impression Homes.

Southern Impression Homes is the development and building arm of Chris Funk’s real estate business venture, and works in efficient partnership with SunCoast Property Management of Jacksonville, FL. The two divisions’ teams operate like a well-oiled machine and create an efficient experience for clients.The build-to-rent model that Southern Impression Homes and Suncoast Property Management provide will deliver a new home for an investor with benefits of reduced maintenance and a new home for the large renter market we live in.

Chris Funk has not contributed to the SunCoast Property Management business on his own. His father, Carter T. Funk, brought his expertise to the business after a history in leadership. Among his many excellent business management qualities is a position as the President of Belden Energy Services and thirty years of experience in leadership of the energy industry.

The business is in capable hands, along with the Southern Impression Homes division. Together, father and son have been raising the levels of excellence in the real estate and rental industry since the early 2000s!

Suncoast Rentals Jacksonville FLWhat Does SunCoast Property Management Do

SunCoast Property Management of Jacksonville, FL offers both property management services and rental properties, as well as offering owners the opportunity to invest in Build to Rent projects.

The company’s Build-to-Rent properties are those which have been built so that long-term rental can be achieved; they are ideal for both singles and families to live in for several years.

For those who own a home under their management or are taking up residency in one of their rentals can be at ease knowing a network of vendors have been thoroughly vetted before partnering with Suncoast Property Management. This means that all repair workers must pass standards for professionalism as well as insurance and licensing requirements before being allowed to work on a home.

SunCoast Property Management also provides a Resident Benefit Package to Investors and Tenant’s. For Investors, this is a benefit that is 100% free to them and focuses on rewarding on time payments and the longevity of the systems in the home such as the HVAC. For the Tenant, they are able to benefit from home buying assistance, filter delivery, move-in concierge, rewards programs, credit building, and a 24/7 portal. Suncoast Property Management is focused on benefits for both of our clients, investors, and tenants.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, SunCoast Property Managements main goal is to transform the property management industry to the benefit of renters and investors.