Joshua Allen Palin Predicts The Home Renovation Trends of 2023

Joshua Allen Palin 

As a DIY expert, Joshua Palin of Orange Park is always fascinated by the latest trends in the DIY community. Joshua Allen Palin is a member of several online groups that discuss projects people are taking on to better their homes, and it always inspires creativity. As we turn the page from 2022 to 2023, many DIY experts have pledged to take on one or two projects in 2023 that will help raise their property value and enhance their quality of life. Today, Joshua Palin of Orange Park will predict the biggest home renovation trends of the new year based on what the DIY communities have been discussing lately.

1. Finding a Way to Get More Functionality Out of The Kitchen

The kitchen is such an important space for any family. Most families live hectic lives and rely on the thirty minutes around the dinner table as their time to spend with their loved ones and share the news of the day. Joshua Palin believes more DIY projects will focus on ways to make the kitchen a warm and welcoming space so families are inclined to spend more time at the table. There are a lot of outdated kitchens that have cookie-cutter styles that were selected by a previous homeowner or builder. DIY enthusiasts are starting to consider ways to change the color scheme of kitchens to incorporate more calming colors in backsplashes and tiles. Also, installing island counter spaces is a great way to make the kitchen a welcome space while entertaining. Those who are tired of fighting for fridge space and want to invite more people over in 2023 are also looking to add a wine fridge or develop a small bar. Either one of these projects can make a kitchen the hub of home entertainment – and Joshua Palin believes more people than ever are looking to bring over friends and family after a multiyear pandemic.

2. Personalized Bathrooms for Relaxation

Joshua Palin of Orange Park knows he wasn’t the only one introduced to bath bombs over the last few years. More people are turning to their bathrooms for baths and showers that not only clean the body but help heal the soul through relaxation. To truly make the bathroom a place of escape, DIY experts are starting to transform colors to give the feel of a professional spa. This means incorporating natural stone sinks or upgrading backsplash tiles with wild greens and blues. Even something such as swapping out light bulbs for colored lights can take a typical shower and turn it into a sensory experience.

3. Finding Ways to Get Outside More Often

Joshua Allen Palin believes the most significant change in DIY trends in the wake of the pandemic has been the increased interest in maximizing outdoor space. The addition of a sunroom is a great place to start for those who live in colder areas of the country, as it provides the sensation of the outdoors with the warmth of staying inside. Those who want to maximize their backyards in 2023 want to add more patio space and upgrade their outdoor furniture. One simple project that has led to Joshua Palin of Orange Park spending more time outside is stringing outdoor lights throughout the backyard area. Throw in some new outdoor furniture, and it’s more enticing than ever to head to the backyard in the evening.

4. Continue the Curve Trend

For years, homes have featured symmetrical countertops, sofas, chairs, and more. 2022 started a trend of embracing curves in these different aspects of the home. Sharp corners and harsh lines are not as welcoming as curved spaces. DIY experts are also finding that curved furniture allows for different ways to make the most out of a space, as traditional furniture usually cuts off more space than its curved counterparts.

5. Growth in DIY Community

Joshua Allen Palin believes that 2023 will mark exceptional growth in the DIY community. There have been more shows dedicated to DIY that not only target adults but kids as well. As younger generations show a genuine interest in DIY, it will only continue to inspire more people to take on projects. Whether it’s as simple as painting a wall or as complicated as building a new patio, the joy that is felt at the completion of any project is addictive.