Congressman Van Drew Lays Out Legislative Priorities

U.S. Rep. Jeff Van Drew

U.S. Congressman Jeff Van Drew, (R-2), issued a statement Tuesday laying out his legislative priorities for the 118th Congress, including his day one bill introductions.

“We are beginning work in a new Congress, with a new House majority, with new legislative priorities. For the past two years, a one-party Democrat rule has resulted in Americans feeling the burden of every single wasteful piece of legislation the previous majority passed,” Van Drew said in a news release.

He continued, “For the past two years, oversight of the Executive Branch has failed the American people and kept them in the dark regarding critical issues, such as COVID-19 origins and infringements on our First Amendment through censorship of conservative viewpoints.”

“Accountability is coming. Change is coming. Republicans are in power and will deliver tangible results for the American people. We will secure our southern border, we will be tough on crime, we will restore energy independence, we will put power back in the hands of parents regarding their child’s education, we will prioritize our veterans and our military to re-establish confidence in our national security, we will revive integrity in our elections, and I will fight to ensure windmills stay off our Jersey shoreline,” he said.

Day 1 legislation:

My Child, My Choice Act:

  • Affirms parental rights in the classroom by requiring schools to provide written consent from parents before teaching lessons on gender identity, sexual orientation, and transgender studies.

No Patient Left Alone Act:

  • Requires that hospitals cannot prevent or deny patients from having visitors during their hospital stay.

Advanced Aviation Act:

  • Reforms the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and unleashes American technological innovation to create jobs, reduce costs, and compete with China.

Country of Origin Labeling Requirement Act:

  • Requires any retailer, including one that operates a mobile application, to clearly list the country of origin for any product it sells.

Expedited Removal Codification Act:

  • Codifies expedited removal, a process to deport illegal aliens, into law.