Ashley Roberts Explains What Makes Florida Sunsets So Vibrant

Ashley Roberts former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain

Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay Police Captain is a Florida native and nature lover. In the following article, Ashley Roberts explains how and why sunsets in the state are so noteworthy, and that these spectacular creations are actually backed by science.

Those who have made their way down to the Sunshine State can attest: the sunsets in Florida are in a league of their own. While people may find themselves traveling to attend the numerous attractions and commodities, some may say that the daily occurrence of the sun hiding behind the horizon may be more than enough reason to stop by.

Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain says that it sounds strange- a sunset so beautiful that the entire state is known for them, but it’s far from a placebo. There’s actually research-based backing behind Florida’s signature sunsets, and why they stand out so vehemently among the rest.

It’s No Trick – It’s Science

What Florida lacks in mountain range, it makes up for in sky explains Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain. The state is geographically blessed in the sense that, it was perfectly placed so that an array of different conditions to blend together – causing the picturesque sunsets known around the world.

Keep It Clean

Unlike other major cities in the United States, Florida is far less congested. New York, Los Angeles, and even cities like Houston are known for colossal skyscrapers, endless highways, and an ever-growing population. Due to that, pollution interferes with the look of the sky, and consequently the sunsets and sunrises.

On the other hand, Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain says that Florida has clean air and the perfect conditions for a non-interrupted sunset. Light rays don’t need to fight pollution to make colors extremely vibrant and breathtaking.

Moisture Is Key

Florida is known for its seasons- no, not Spring, Summer, Winter, and Fall, but rather dry or wet. Locals (and regular visitors) can preach that the wet seasons grant far more beautiful skies- even by Florida standards.

Most people believe in the phenomenon that is the after-storm sunset, but what exactly makes it true?

Turns out, it’s due to the moisture, timing, and other factors that work harmoniously to create killer views. Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain reports that with most thunderstorms happening in the latter half of the day, the atmospheric instability is at its all-time high within 24 hours. White light takes longer to cut through the atmosphere- gifting the sky with red and orange rays.

Not only that, but stormy conditions allow for only certain types of clouds to paint the sky, specifically cirrus and altocumulus, which are some of the most picture-worthy clouds around.

The Reason for The Season

Hypothetically, if someone were to want to plan their Florida visit to witness the most awe-worthy sunsets of the year, they may want to pack a coat and hat. Turns out that the colder months allow for the most beautiful sundown showings of the year according to Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain.

Cold weather during the fall and winter sucks humidity out of the air, making for the “cleanest” air of the year. This is due to the fact that microscopic water droplets aren’t necessarily the cleanest- and they can cause some obstruction in the way colors come through.

This is especially true during the winter months- where a bulk of the air we’re breathing has migrated from the location with the “purest” air- the Arctic, meaning there’s a distinct lack of pollution obstruction in the air!

Ashley Roberts former Tampa Bay, Florida Police CaptainWhere To Go to Catch the Views

Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain says that as for the best place to see the sunsets, no two spots offer the same views. Thankfully, Florida is in no shortage of places to settle down as the sun does.

Here are some of the best places to catch a true Sunshine State sunset (in no particular order):

St. Pete Beach

Voted #1 best beach in the United States, St. Pete Beach is known as the “Sunset Capital” of the state. It’s a tough spot to beat, and ideal for anyone looking for a truly memorable view.

Key West

Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain says that the city of Key West is nothing but a vacation staple. There’s no shortage of things to do and views to see- the sunset being the main attraction.

St. George Island

22-miles long, St. George Island is home to some of the most unspoiled beaches in the country. That lack of pollution makes for some of the most beautiful sunsets around.


Ashley Roberts, former Tampa Bay, Florida Police Captain says that if beaches aren’t a contender, the city of Yankeetown is a quiet place to bring the family for a majestic escape. The sunsets are first only to the beautiful Withlacoochee River that they set upon.