Christian Business Incubator Explains Christian Responsibility in Business

Christian Business Incubator

Christian Business Incubator is a faith-based mentorship helping entrepreneurs around the world launch their business ideas from scratch. A proven business model, and a leader in Christian morality in business encouraging faith-based companies to practice their devotion in both personal and work life. In the article below, Christian Business Incubator discusses how businesses can balance their responsibilities to faith, and values in business.

It can be tough in today’s cutthroat business world to maintain a Christlike personality. For many Christians, the idea of following Christ simply doesn’t go hand in hand with being a business owner. After all, didn’t Christ himself turn out the money lenders from the temple? (John 2:15).

Christian Business Incubator explains that a successful business can certainly be not only a reality, but a rewarding experience for a Christian. Such benefits come, however, when the business owner practices their Christian responsibility in all their endeavors.

Keeping Business in its Place

The fundamental part of a Christian’s responsibility in business is to keep it in its place. Jesus’ words to his disciples were a warning, not to refrain from entering business deals at all, but to not forget that a person “cannot serve two masters” (Matthew 6:24).

In striving for success in business, a Christian never forgets that their spirituality must always come first. In the daily struggles between one’s faith and one’s economic success, faith must always be the priority explains Christian Business Incubator.

Until relatively recently, business exploits of any kind were seen as detrimental to a Christian’s responsibilities toward ministry and faith. Disciples of Christ were expected to live with only the bare minimum to survive as they focused on evangelical pursuits.

However, the world in which we live, and therefore our understanding of the Christian way of life, have changed over time. It would be unreasonable to demand that all Christians avoid any kind of business dealings, as it would mean not taking care of our families and Christian community.

Instead, Christian Business Incubator explains that a Christian can combine both their responsibility toward financially providing for their loved ones, and their determination to uphold Christian values, in the way they conduct their business dealings.

Keeping the Faith

Working hard at one’s business is a testament to a person’s faith and is most certainly a Christian value. Paul’s epistle to the early Christians in Colossus was a reminder to work “heartily, as to the Lord” (Colossians 3:23). Working hard to make a business successful is by its very nature a Christian trait.

Maintaining a true Christian faith means that the work that is conducted to make the business a success will be one that is based on Christian values. Christian Business Incubator reviews such values may seem common sense, but reminders of their place in the business world often require reminders.

Christian Business IncubatorRemaining Honest and Honorable

Imitating Christ in business means acting honorably, with high moral standards. The Houston Baptist University said it best: “if it doesn’t last in eternity, it’s not the bottom line.”

The bottom line of business should go hand in hand with the bottom line of any Christian’s goal: to obtain everlasting life through imitating Christ explains Christian Business Incubator. Living by Christ’s example of honesty, loyalty and reasonableness is not restricted to life outside the office. Instead, the core of any successful Christian business should be made of these values, with everything else built around it.

For those employed by businesses, this means working honestly and diligently, not cheating on overtime or defrauding customers explains Christian Business Incubator. For the business owner, it means paying their staff fairly, dealing honestly and fairly with clients and staff alike, and being honest with their accounts.

Witnessing to the Christ

Many like to keep their business lives and their private, religious lives separate, but for the Christian, there is little distinction between the two. In fact, living with Christlike principles in business can even be its own form of ministry.

Christian Business Incubator says that like themselves, some businesses are proud to call themselves ‘Christian Businesses’ in their very description, making it clear from the offset to all their staff and clients. Others take a less direct, but no less meaningful approach.

Playing Christian music in their stores or places of business, closing on Sundays so that staff can observe the Christian sabbath and attend church to worship, and even including the word of God in the form of Bible verses at the bottom of email correspondence give a witness to the Christ.

By serving others in a Godlike way, Christian Business Incubator says that patrons and staff who may themselves not be Christian may witness the Christian business owner’s methods and wish to learn more about their beliefs. It is an effective, yet not overbearing, way to win others to Jesus as well as strengthening one’s own faith in the practice.

What Would Jesus Do

Jesus may have driven out the money lenders from the temple, but this was because their practices were detestable to him, as they cheated people in the house of God.

Christian Business Incubator says that successful businesses are not only acceptable for Christians but are greatly encouraged, so long as those involved do not lose sight of the importance of their faith in all their business dealings.