Car Caress Brings a Shine to Your Car or Boat

Car Caress owner Brian Coggins, right, and his staff of cleaning pros, like detailer Art Dramis, who is working on a Honda, are experts in taking care of cars, trucks and boats.


With warmer weather just around the corner, spring cleaning is in full effect at the shore.

A spin around the area will reveal dozens of residents and visitors doing the usual: installing windows and screens, checking out air-conditioning systems, painting and more.

With that said, cars, trucks and boats also need that preseason tender loving care, and that’s where the experience and know-how of Car Caress comes in.

“You really want a nice clean car and boat ready to go, and we’re proud to offer that service to the community,” Car Caress owner Brian Coggins said.

Car Caress operates the only full-service car and boat wash in Ocean City, conveniently located at 1635 Haven Ave., just a few steps from the Community Center. They can be reached at 609-398-8482.

Joseph M. Carideo is the manager at the Car Caress location in Somers Point.

There are also Car Caress locations in Somers Point at 110 Woodland Ave. (609-653-1658) and in Marmora at 100 Stagecoach Road (609-938-0516).

Never has a business been more aptly named than Car Caress, which has been serving the Jersey Shore area for more than 20 years, and removing a big concern from visitors and year-round residents alike in the process.

Auto and boat detailing, hand washing, and an automatic car wash, both do-it-yourself and by the Car Caress pros, are available to take those chores off residents’ and visitors’ plates.

“Right now is pollen season, accounting for a fair amount of our work right now,” Coggins said.

That yellowish or green dust can penetrate crevices and other hard-to-reach spots on cars and trucks, which the Car Caress staff is expert at removing, he noted.

Besides pollen, road salt, dirt and grime built up over the winter can be tiring work for car owners, but an easy fix for the staff at Car Caress.

“In your car’s interior, you’re looking at your family members, kids, pets and guests,” Coggins said. “You don’t want them getting into a dirty car. We can get rid of germs and bacteria on your dashboard, seats, and interior in general,” he said.

The Car Caress location in Ocean City is at 1635 Haven Ave., across the street from the Ocean City Community Center.

As for boat owners, a visit to Car Caress or a “house call” to their homes or most marinas in the area can easily be arranged.

“Once the shrink-wrap comes off a boat, there can be a lot of dirt and mold forming under there,” Coggins said.

“Getting rid of that stuff is a must before the craft goes into the water. Just give us a call. You can come to us or we can come to you,” he added.

Boat detailing is also a good idea during the season, due to salt water’s and the sun’s potential damage to gelcoat, glass, plastic vinyl, and metal surfaces.

“It’s shrink-wrapped, but there is usually some nasty stuff in there after a winter in the elements,” Coggins said.

Whether it’s a car or boat, it’s easier to let the experts do the job – which can be less expensive than a mistake trying to do it yourself – according to not only Coggins but also the many testimonials lauding Car Caress on social media.

“Brian, your shop detailed my (car) today,” one customer wrote. “Although the day was ugly with misting rain, my (clean car) brought some sunshine into my driveway.”

“I want to thank you and your crew for doing a great job,” the customer went on, “and the gentleman who picked up and delivered my car. It looks great.”

For more information on Car Caress, visit or

Car Caress also does cleaning and detailing for boats.