Freddie Vasquez JR Discusses the Top Horse Jumping Events Worldwide

Freddie Vasquez JR

Freddie Vasquez JR is an FEI level show jumper and runs Messenger Hill Farm, an elite training facility for aspiring equestrian champions in the jumper and hunter circuits. Additionally, Mr. Vasquez publishes Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews to keep readers up to date on horse show news. Below Freddie Vasquez JR discusses the top jumping events around.

Show jumping is an exhilarating sport for riders and spectators alike. Since the first horse jumping competitions in the 1900s, top professional horses and riders and their avid fans have flocked to events worldwide.

The Olympic Games show jumping is always a major calendar event, though riders and fans only experience this leg every four years. Freddie Vasquez JR explains that several other events take place annually, except during the recent Covid-19 years.

This year, fans and riders will get to enjoy their regular annual favorites, whether it’s on the course, in the stands, or on television.

FEI Jumping Events

Freddie Vasquez JR reports that many of the world’s most prestigious show jumping events come under the FEI umbrella. These include the World Championships, the Regional Championships, the Nations Cup events, and the FEI World Cup.

The World Cup league is essential on any show jumping fanatic’s calendar. The event takes part in leagues in different countries around the world. Each league is made up of several qualifier events. The top ten horses and riders qualify for their league final in each league. The top five and top three league final results count towards the overall standings.

As noted in Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews, some events in the list below count as qualifiers towards World Cup results.

The Hickstead Derby

This show jumping staple held in the UK at the Hickstead grounds is one of the oldest, most established events according to Freddie Vasquez JR. This year it celebrates its 60th anniversary. The class is a highlight of summer as it draws many of horse jumping biggest names.

Some of the most well-known riders have taken home the title up to four times. These include quintessential British riders John and Michael Whitaker, as well as Eddie Macken, William Funnell, and Harvey Smith. The Derby’s most recent winner was then 19-year-old Mikey Pender of Ireland.

Sponsored by Al Shira’aa since 2017, the Hickstead Derby is one of the highlights of Britain’s show jumping calendar. The event as a whole also boasts other equestrian disciplines and a range of shopping and dining options for visitors to the event.

Badminton Horse Trials

Technically an eventing competition, riders, and fans can catch some exciting show jumping in that leg of the event. It forms one of the six top eventing shows.

Spanning four or five days, the competition is held annually at a section of the historical Badminton House grounds during April or May. The event attracts around one million spectators each year, making it one of the best-supported paid sports events in the United Kingdom. The competition attracts riders and visitors locally and globally.

The Royal Windsor Horse Show

Freddie Vasquez JR explains that The Royal Windsor Horse Show also has an important history. It was originally held to raise funds for the war effort in 1943. The event hosts international classes across a range of disciplines, with one of the highlights being its show jumping classes. It is considered the only competition in the United Kingdom to offer international events for several disciplines, including dressage, show jumping, endurance, and driving.

An added interest factor is that Her Majesty the Queen and other members of the Royal Family are fervent supporters. The Queen has taken part in the showing classes of the show rather than the show jumping classes. The Duke of Edinburgh was also a consistent competitor until his retirement from the competition in 2003.

Since its inauguration, the event has grown exponentially in its offerings and global significance. The show celebrated 75 years of top equestrian sport in 2018.

Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews

CHIO Aachen

Considered the “Wimbledon of equestrian sport,” CHIO Aachen is one of the key events of the show jumping year in Aachen. The show boasts one of the most demanding show jumping courses in the world, and subsequently, the prize money is eye-widening.

Freddie Vasquez JR says that the event typically runs for a week, with the Grand Prix show jumping event as its grand finale. The Nations Cup classes leading up to the main event are also not to be missed.

Deutsches Spring and Dressur-Derby

The Deutsches Spring and Dressur-Derby is held annually in Hamburg-Klein Flottbek. Freddie Vasquez Equestrian Reviews reports that the show is heralded as the oldest equestrian competition in Germany. It also boasts having the most challenging show jumping course in the world. Both horse and rider need to be in peak fitness to navigate this demanding track.

The course is 1,230 meters (4,035 feet), and it has remained unchanged since the 1920s. So, a horse and rider partnership needs to display spectacular strength and stamina and an exceptional bond to be able to get around the course.

American Gold Cup

An iconic event in international show jumping, the American Gold Cup has been going for more than 50 years. Now held at Old Salem Farm in North Salem, New York, the show has migrated from earlier Tampa, Philadelphia, and Pennsylvania events. Freddie Vasquez JR explains that the Gold Cup Grand Prix class boasts around $200,000 in prize money and forms one of the FEI Jumping World Cup North American league qualifiers.


These gems are just a few of the world’s most prestigious show jumping events. The sport continues to grow and become more popular for spectators. Freddie Vasquez JR says this means there is always a worthwhile event going on in most areas across the globe.