Local Entrepreneur Stars in Amazon Prime Series “The Web Masters”

Celebrity Chef Giada DeLaurentis called on Ken Wisnefski and his team to help with her lifestyle website, Giadzy.com

By MediaWize

For Ocean City resident, Ken Wisnefski, the notion of pursuing a career in TV had faded over time as he focused on establishing and growing several successful digital marketing agencies, including MediaWize, the parent company for the OCNJDaily, Downbeach.com, SomersPoint.com and SeaIsleNews.com. However, in the back of his mind, he always hoped that some day he may have the opportunity to fulfill his dream.

“I’ve been very fortunate to appear on multiple live TV segments, such as Bloomberg News, Fox Business, CNBC and MSNBC, as a guest, but as a fan of shows like Shark Tank and The Profit, I’ve always wanted the chance to leverage my background in to a similar type of show”, said Wisnefski. “This concept has been in the works for a few years and I am excited to have the chance to give insight to businesses that can truly help them grow”.

‘The Web Masters’ focuses on Ken and his team at WebiMax, a leading digital marketing firm, with their ability to help companies overcome obstacles they encounter with their online presence. The first episode features celebrity chef Giada DeLaurentis, who needs help with her lifestyle website, Giadzy.com.

“Working with Giada was really a great experience for me. She is an absolute superstar and a genuinely nice person as well,” exclaimed Wisnefski. “My wife was a bit jealous that I had the opportunity to do a food tasting at her restaurant in Las Vegas during the filming, but it was truly an amazing experience.”

The series itself was the creation of Emmy award-winning executive producers Shane Farley and Alex Boylan.

“The Web Masters is unlike any other show. It really pulls back the curtain, showing businesses how to prosper online,” stated Shane Farley, the show’s executive producer. “Watching episodes of the show is equivalent to taking a masterclass that will help your business succeed.”

Upcoming episodes will feature the launch of a new wedding website that needs help getting off the ground and a website that focuses on high-end real estate listings that need help gaining traction. More episodes are being filmed and will be released over the course of the year, including several episodes that will be filmed locally in the Jersey Shore area.

Wisnefski feels his life experiences have shaped his success in business.

“My dad owned his own business. It was just him! He had no employees, so at times, I had to chip in and help,” stated Wisnefski. “I learned so much from him, even though I don’t think he realized just how much he actually taught me. When I got to college, I often joked that my major was playing baseball, but my coach at Stockton University, John Gurzo, showed tremendous confidence in me. He told me that my abilities would transcend beyond the baseball diamond and if I put my mind to it, I could do great things in life. Having my mom, dad and Coach Gurzo as inspiration, that was the motivation for me to succeed.”

Family is the heart of Ken’s inspiration. Photo Credit: Kerri Janto Photography

While Wisnefski is comfortable sharing the spotlight with celebrities like Giada, he’s equally comfortable being out of the spotlight and spending time with his family that includes his wife Allison, son Alec (15), daughter Anna (12), son Anderson (8), and their two dogs Wilson and Frida.

“I really try to enjoy all aspects of my life as much as I can. While being part of this show has been a fantastic opportunity for me, I also look forward to coaching my son’s football and baseball teams and watching my daughter play tennis and piano just as much,” said Wisnefski. “Without the support of my wife, I know I couldn’t have accomplished any of this. She’s the driving force behind everything, and while I get the accolades, she’s truly the one that deserves all the credit.”

‘The Web Masters’ is available on Amazon Prime and for more information on the series, visit www.TheWebMasters.tv and www.WebiMax.com.

Episode 1 of the Web Masters can be found here on Amazon Prime.

Ken Wisnefski’s business, WebiMax, focuses on “Results-Driven Digital Marketing Strategies.”