ICU/ASOI Clinical Educator Lisa Woodell Named Shore Medical Center’s Employee of the Month

Lisa Woodell, ICU/ASOI Clinical Educator

For her exceptional skills, knowledge, patience and ability to present complex topics in an easily relatable way, Shore is proud to announce that ICU/ASOI Clinical Educator Lisa Woodell, BSN, RN, has been named the medical center’s November 2017 Employee of the Month.

Lisa Woodell joined Shore in April 2010 as a Critical Care Nurse in the ICU, where she quickly distinguished herself as a team player willing to go to any lengths in order to care for her patients and support her coworkers. In September 2015, Lisa joined Shore’s Clinical Education Team and has shared her expertise as an educator and mentor to staff ever since.

“Lisa works tirelessly to facilitate educational opportunities and in-servicing on all new equipment,” says ICU Nurse Manager Luanne McGroarty, who nominated Lisa for this award. “She does so with passion, professionalism and with a smile on her face. Lisa is at the forefront of new initiatives and challenges, and encourages staff to do the same.”

Adds Director of Clinical Education Deb Cisneros: “Lisa is a talented individual who is not afraid to take initiative and is passionate about our patients’ care. She is an integral part of numerous patient safety initiatives and evidence-based practices at Shore.”

Woodell cares for her patients at Shore with the same level of attention and compassion as she would a family member. “It’s the little things that matter. Our patients and families are someone’s mother, father, mommom, and poppop. They are family and we treat them as if they were my own,” she said.