Who Has The Best Wings for Super Bowl Sunday?


Virtually every Super Bowl party has chicken wings and/ or tenders. Unless you have an old family recipe, most people do not want to risk serving lame food when entertaining.   So they start asking themselves:  Where should I order from?   While there are many places that claim to have great wings, the reality is that most serve frozen chicken that is fried and paired with store-bought hot sauce.

Not this year! Somers Point.com did our homework and sought-out the top wings and tenders in Ocean City and Somers Point.  We would like  to hear your feedback.  Whose wings do you like best? And tenders? Surprisingly, they might be at different restaurants.

Below is a list of the restaurants, pictures of the platters that they made for us, and a little background information that may help you when it comes time to order:

Rule 1: Order Early.  Each of the restaurants mentioned that they already have to-go orders ready to be fulfilled.

Rule 2: If you procrastinate, order your food for pick-up just after the game starts.  Trying to order and pick them up prior to the game will be challenging.

Somers Point


DiOrio’s Circle Café 10 MacArthur Blvd, Somers Point, NJ 609-927-6111

When it comes to tenders in Somers Point, you have to think of DiOrio’s.  They have been using the “Original Hector Smith Recipe” for over 20 years.  They have receive numerous awards over the years including being voted ‘Best at the Shore” Wings & Tenders by AC Magazine.


During our wing tour, we spoke with Denny DiOrio and he said that the key to his tenders and wing popularity is that all of their chicken is fresh and never frozen.  While they may not sell the most wings in the region, he said that they will sell over 16,000 pieces of chicken on Super Bowl Sunday.  He has a team of four in the kitchen prepping starting on Friday afternoon and they will be replaced on rotating shifts straight through game time on Sunday.

Tip of the day from Denny: Order in advance and then reheat them just before your guests arrive.  He is happy to give you some extra sauce.  “Heat them in a preheated oven at 475 degrees for just 5 minutes”.  The high heat and the short period of time will have them come out crispy and juicy.   Many times people go low heat for a longer period of time and they dry them out.

diorios-wings-3DiOrio’s wings are available in quantities of (10) $9.95, (30) $24.95, (50) $34.95, or more in multiples.  Their tenders are available in quantities of (10) $11.75, (30) $28.95, (50) $39.95, or more in multiples.

anchorage-sp-3The Anchorage Tavern and Restaurant 823 Bay Avenue Somers Point, NJ 609-926-1776


 The legendary Anchorage Tavern was jumping Wednesday night when we showed-up to see if they still had it, and they did.  Fred Fleming and his team were on their game and kept the food and drinks flying out of the kitchen.  Dan Asenov briefed us on the what makes their wings and “fingers” special.  He said, and Anita passionately agreed, that their wings and fingers are the meatiest around.  When it comes to wings vs. fingers,  we sell more fingers.  He said that it is pretty much a 60/40 ratio.  One of the most popular dishes is their Buffalo Chicken Salad and the kids love the fingers.

anchorage-wings-2Dan emphasized that they only serve fresh chicken, never frozen.  The orders for the wings and fingers are the same $7.95 each.  Their sauce options include; Blistering, Spicy (mildly spicy), Honey, Honey/Spicy, and BBQ.


charlies-sign-3Charlie’s 800 Shore Road Somers Point, NJ 609-927-3663

charlies-wings-with-beer-3When it comes to volume, it appears that Charlie’s takes the crown in wings.  When we spoke with Jim the manager, he said that they would  sell 2.5-3 TONS of wings and 2 TONS of tenders on Super Bowl Sunday.

charlies-wings-pic-3So let’s take a breath and visualize that.  On our way to Charlie’s, we passed a sign:

4-ton-truck-sign-2Is that what Jim was telling us?  That the chicken that they sell in one day out-weighs  a truck?

charlies-tenders-1-3Wow! That is a lot of chicken.  At Charlie’s you can order your wings & tenders wet,  dry or with your sauce on the side.  Your sauce options include: Tail Gun (Mild), Southwest (Secret BBQ), Top Gun (Hell Fire! No Kidding), & Scampy (Garlic).  Single orders are (13) pieces $8.86, Chicken Little (35) pieces $22.75, Rooster Jack (60) pieces $36.33.  Tenders are (5) pieces for $7.79, (20) for $26.71, (40) $51.30.

Ocean Cityboyars-daily

Boyar’s Market – 1340 Asbury Avenue Ocean City, NJ 609-399-1343

boyars-hot-food-3We dropped in and surprised one of the co-owners of Boyars Market, Robert, last night. He shared with us that he is preparing to sell over four hundred pounds of chicken tenders and wings on Super Bowl Sunday. He emphasized that while they have great wings, their tenders are their claim to fame. They are fresh chicken tenderloins seasoned and cooked to perfection.  Both the tenders and the wings chicken are smothered in their delicious home-made sauces: Honey Mustard; Barbecue; and Buffalo style.  He emphasized that they only cook “fresh” (never frozen) chicken with no additives.  They flower them, cook them, and smother them in sauce.   The tenders can be purchased by the pound $7.99 pp, or in 5lbs trays $39.95 or 10 lbs trays $78.95.


express-oc4Express Pizza 719 Battersea Road Ocean City, NJ  609-398-3322

express-winds-3When we arrived at Express Pizza their staff could not have been nicer.  They whipped up a platter of hot wings and tenders with all of their sauces.  Their most popular order is their wings with “Mark’s Famous Hot Sauce”. They did not share the ingredients, but it was clear to see and taste, that it was tasty and unique. They also offer Honey-Mustard, BBQ, and Buffalo. You can order your wings or tenders “dry” with your favorite sauce on the side.  An order of (5) tenders will run you $5.95 and (10) wings cost you $9.95. All orders come with celery and blue cheese at no extra charge.

express-tenders-3This Sunday is the last opportunity to take advantage of their ‘Football Special”, which includes a large pizza, 10 wings, and a 2 liter soda for $19.99.

Good luck with your Super Bowl Parties!  Please hit up our facebook page and tells us whose wings and tenders that you enjoyed the most.