Mystery Christmas Tree Remains a Puzzle


By Tim Kelly

It’s not a Christmas miracle, it’s a Christmas mystery.

For years now, someone has been decorating an evergreen tree ,”located along Longport-Somers Pt. Blvd. at the foot of the Assemblywoman Delores G. Cooper Memorial Bridge.

Although the tree’s location is within the geographical boundaries of Egg Harbor Twp., most people who notice it are driving into Somers Point and other mainland towns from Ocean City.

When our photographer pulled over to photograph the tree, which stands about 20 feet tall, a driver stopped.

“Oh…so you are the guy who does this every year?” a man asked. He looked disappointed when we told him we had no role in the seasonal decorations.

The tree has grown over the years, and the decorations stop about 10 feet from the ground. Whoever the phantom tree trimmer is, he or she did not bring a ladder.

Lt. Robert Gray, Public Information Officer of the Egg Harbor Township Police, said he was not aware or the tree.

“I know exactly where you are talking about, but I’m not familiar (with the tree), Gray said.

A woman in the Administrator’s office at Egg Harbor Township said she knew of the tree, but was unable to find anyone willing to talk about it for the record.

“We think the Mayor (James J. “Sonny” McCullough) knows about it,” she said. “He lives near there.”

OK, great, we said. “Unfortunately the mayor’s not available to speak to you right now,” the woman said.

Calls to municipal offices in Somers Point and Ocean City about the tree were not returned.

Perhaps some of our readers have some insight about the tree. But at least one observer thinks it should remain shrouded in unanswered questions.